Earn 20%+ staking rewards by delegating your CRO!

Currently the Crypto.com Mainnet is giving out more than 20% APY on your delegations, expectations are that the APY will go down to 20% over time. Make use of this opportunity to earn are very high APY for the time being and delegate your CRO to the ABCro.io Validator.

CRO sitting in your wallet?

To be able to earn up to 20% APY on your idle CRO in your Crypto.com wallets you will need to delegate it to a Crypto.com Mainnet Validator. Keep control of your CRO & learn how to Delegate to the ABCro.io Validator here.

Your CRO stays Yours

By delegating & staking you will not actually move your tokens from your wallet to ours. They are still safe & protected in your own wallet. At any time you can decide to restake to another validator or unstake. Unstaking from the mainnet has a 28 day cooldown in which you cannot transfer your CRO.

*Low fee (0% Promo!)

Reliable infrastructure has a price. To be able to pay for the servers, bandwidth and lifecycle management of our infrastructure we need to charge a fee. Temporarily 0% fee!