To delegate & stake and start earning up to 20% APY on your CRO. Delegate (or redelegate) your CRO to Validator. Use Validator Address :


After delegation check that your transaction is visible on the CRO Chain Explorer : Validator

Need more help? Click on one of the blue buttons below for step by step tutorials.

Tutorial 1 : Downloading and staking through the Chain Desktop Wallet

The tutorial below will help you setup the Chain Desktop Wallet first. After that it will go through the process of funding your newly created wallet by using the App on your phone. Download and start the Chain Desktop Wallet from Github before starting the tutorial.

*Download the Chain Desktop Wallet(Beta) 0.1.2 for your operating system from Github

Tutorial 2 : Add your DeFi App wallet address to the Chain Desktop Wallet

Stake your DeFi phone App wallet’s CRO to any validator to save on commission costs. Currently the DeFi App does not offer the possibility to choose which Validator you stake to. It will select Validators which charge 10% commission. The tutorial below will explain how to add the DeFi Wallets address to the Chain Desktop Wallet so you can freely choose your validator.

Tutorial 3 : Redelegate your CRO from another Validator to’s validator

The tutorial below will help you redelegate your stake from another validator to using the Chain Desktop Wallet. A lot of Validators are charging 10% or more commission on your staking income. only charges 2.5%. The difference in commission is will end up in your pocket!

More tutorials when updates their Apps!